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In this vulgar era, this Internet age, we are bombarded from birth on a constant basis with images. These images and advertisements from print and television are inherently meaningful, yet have become nullified due to the overwhelming cacophony of imagery and consumer driven chaos of everyday life.  We are exposed to an incalculable amount of images on a daily basis, yet rarely do we examine and attempt to place value on the images to which we are exposed.

Much, if not all of the imagery in the paintings was derived from my American childhood, and these seemingly innocuous images have nurtured and shaped my value structure.  Whether it be a Disney movie with a talking squirrel attempting to teach a naïve child that stealing is wrong, or scrambled pornography on late night movie channels, all this imagery in some way has informed my personality and my values.

By utilizing the layering advantages of acrylic, and the saturation and deep modeling potential of oils, my work looks to mimic the cacophonous noise of everyday life. Through bright logos, and realistically rendered figures painted in an almost collaged manner, I attempt to fill the canvas past maximum capacity where all are fighting for dominance and the viewer is forced to examine and determine value and significance.

This body of work not only looks to explore images I associate with childhood and to derive meaning from the meaningless, but also looks to explore how images affect the subconscious regarding issues ranging from gender roles and masculinity, to violence, wealth, and death.